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This site is dedicated all of the hardworking Americans that love to farm, hunt, or just enjoy the outdoors. If it is land for hunting that you need just look at the free ads posted by private landowners. If you own land that you want to lease, you can do it here for free. There is no cost to post monthly ads. Thereís even a hunting items category if you want to sell that rusty old treestand.

Each month we will feature a product review on hunting gear or a farming / land management related item and give you our NO BULL review. Or check out the Hunting Ranch Review section and find a great place to hunt. If you have a hunting story send that to us and we may post it. Do you want to win FREE GEAR? Do it here.

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No Bull Product Review


By: Michael Brime, LandandHunting Field Staffer

First of all thanks to Matt Vann for making yet another awesome hand made turkey call. I have had the opportunity to spend some time playing around with the TurkeyFoot classic slate call. You would think that all slate calls are the same, but they are not the same by any means. I have used a lot of calls over the years and I spend a lot of time in the woods of Southeastern Virginia. The TurkeyFoot classic slate call in combination with the custom wood (red oak) striker provided in the package give you the custom feel that every hunter is looking for. Matt put some time in when he sat dow...

User Photo of the Month

Added By Justin Cox from Kentucky.

Hunting Ranch Review

Blue Dark Outfitters

We haven't been able to go hunting yet with Blue Dark, but we hope to soon! We have spoken by phone with Charles Decker. He is the owner of the guide service in Northhampton County, NC. From what he has told me over the phone he is offering some great deals on deer hunts right now. This is his first season in operation so it's a great time to get in on some good hunting with Blue Dark.

Check them out at www.bluedarkoutfitters.com or call Mr. Decker at 919-434-2357...

Farming Tips

Jimmy Kida: Field Staffer

We'd like to officially welcome Jimmy as one of our Field Staffers:

My name is Jimmy Kida and I have lived in Kewanee Illinois my whole life. Iím 22 years old. Iím currently going to college to become a conservation officer because I want to do my part in protecting the outdoors. I also work at Breedloves Sporting Goods where we print designs on t-shirts. Being in the outdoors is what I love to do. I grew up fishing my whole life and started hunting when I was 16 and Iíve been addicted ever since. I have a small pheasant farm I started up with my cousin last year and I hope to make it grow each year. I didnít really have anyone in my famil...